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Alex Schjelde, e-Contego’s Founder and CTO, has been involved in delivering consulting and certification engagements within the IT Operational and Information Security arena to various government, commercial, and healthcare organizations in Europe and North America for the past three decades.

As a certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, he has assisted companies implementing various Information Security Frameworks and helped them achieve information security certifications based on industry standards, such as the ISO 23000 and ISO 27000 series standards, along with mapping to HIPAA, HITRUST and NIST800-53 standards.

Along with in-house expertise, we partner with some of the best brains in our industry and can, at any given time, find just the right resource for the solution.


In a Box…

In this day and age of the Internet, protecting our information assets has become just as important as protecting our physical property. Information security is the practice of protecting both physical and digital information from destruction, manipulation or unauthorized access and at e-Contego, we don’t take that task lightly. What we call “solution in a box” is a solution for YOUR box, YOUR content and YOU decide how big of a box and how much we put in it.

Together we will help you build clarity around your organizational context (those with requirements placed upon you) and how your Information Security Framework meets the intent of your internal and external requirements for securing information assets. The established framework will likewise ensure that your Information Security objectives are aligned with your business vision.



With e-Contego you don’t get just another vendor. You will have a partner that is as eager for success as you are, and we will be at your side the entire time while creating your solution.

Depending on your organization’s size and workload – We can do it all for you based on your requirements, or we can merely be a sparring partner / guide throughout the process.

Our goal and mission is to make YOU successful.

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