Increasing Trends of Cybersecurity Risks Observed in 2018 Makes it Inevitable for Businesses to Hire a VCISO


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  • Increasing Trends of Cybersecurity Risks Observed in 2018 Makes it Inevitable for Businesses to Hire a VCISO

    Similar to the news of cybersecurity incidents in previous years, 2018 has also seen its substantial share of the data security vulnerabilities. Underneath these topping cybersecurity breaches is the expected outcome of a situation where businesses failed in monitoring and protecting their networks. This raises the question that what businesses needs to respond to the ever-evolving risk associated with cybersecurity?
    At a recent CIO event, a Gartner predictor clarified the risk of cybersecurity and how it is rising exponentially. According to this survey which was conducted on more than 3,000 CIO’s found that nearly 95% of the experts believe that cybersecurity threats will continue to grow. It’s an alarming situation that nearly one-third of the businesses lack a cybersecurity expert. But, with the rise of new regulations dictating companies need to have a security expert on the staff.

    Although 95% of the CIOs expect that cybersecurity threat will increase in the coming years, only 65% of their companies currently have a cybersecurity expert.

    There are several reasons why businesses don’t have security experts which includes culture, cost, and complex skill sets. In most of the industries, cybersecurity is still not given much importance and it falls under the accountability of IT or networking employees or staff. Their traditional mindset doesn’t prioritize security which is why they don’t feel the need for a dedicated expert. There are other organizations who actually wants to hire a security expert but they are unable to find one. They either cannot afford a specific skill set or they are not willing to spend money on the security experts. Finally, businesses lack the ability to handle and secure the progressive technologies such as AI or cloud. They cannot afford to hire those employees since the tech is new, very few individuals possess the skills and expertise related to cybersecurity. Companies need to match the constant threat level with cyber-policies and experts which protect them, their customers as well as attempting to increase general awareness of cyber-security. The rise of virtual CISOs presents effective and low-cost solutions for businesses looking for an alternative to a full-time employee. The cost of adding a full-time CISO can exceed the budget of many small and medium businesses.

    With us, you can engage with a highly experienced CISO available or on-site for 1-2 days a week based on your requirements. For smaller businesses, it simply doesn’t make sense to capitalize in a full-time CISO when you can hire a virtual one and get the specialty skills you need to draw up a strategic overview and deliver the big picture. An experienced Virtual CISO (VCISO) is going to be completely up to speed on the latest best practices. They have know-how dealing with an extensive variety of situations, and they are well-placed to train your internal security staff.

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