Online Free Gap Analysis Tools Still Making Businesses to Have Second Thoughts about Implementing ISO 27001


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  • Online Free Gap Analysis Tools Still Making Businesses to Have Second Thoughts about Implementing ISO 27001

    The capabilities of cloud-based security solutions usually make private company data centers look insignificant. It is particularly common in SMB customers’ data centers that have not experienced ISO 27001. However, the Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO 27001 is extremely important and must be employed in addition to internal and external IT audits.
    Information is a business critical asset, establishing the backbone of the organization worldwide, and driving progress. Though, the security of information is often disregarded, which is why most security breaches actually come from within the organization – an outcome of poor policy, measures, staff training and their awareness of security risks.

    Most people and businesses who are interested in implementing ISO 27001 ask why they need an ISO 27001 gap analysis when there are so many free gap analysis tool available online?

    According to some individuals, these free gap analyses only explains how far you are from meeting ISO 27001 requirements, but it doesn’t clarify what needs to be done to cover that gap. Gap analysis is not always necessary for small companies, but for larger companies it is a logical point to begin with.

    Free tools don’t come with deep understanding which a professional consultancy service offers. They only give you the advantage of being free. If your company select to opt for a gap analysis, then it is important to know what to expect to make the most of your money. An inclusive, on-site gap analysis will offer you a thorough evaluation of your present security systems and arrangements. This exercise can be conducted by an ISO 27001 implementation specialist over a period of 2-3 days.

    One of the critical starting points for implementing ISO 27001 is to scope out your planned ISMS. It might be a difficult task if the data is stored in diverse locations or units. Your ISO 27001 implementation consultant will not only help you to understand your business requirement, but will also help you define the scope of your ISMS implementation. For people who are at the initial phases of securing budgetary approval for ISO implementation, a gap analysis is a vital piece of work which will offer you with the proof you need for developing a solid business case.

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